2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #114
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Company Offers 3-Phase Electric Power From Single Phase
Nearly everyone can easily convert common single phase power to 3-phase with a Remco phase converter. Remco deals with farmers and small business owners daily showing them how inexpensive and practical it is using phase converters. “ Most people can’t get utility 3-phase but we remind them that converting low-cost single phase energy is the most economical method for powering up small or seasonal KVA loads. There isn’t any application we can’t successfully convert.” says John Cotanch, owner and application specialist. “Utility 3-phase will never be the way for most Americans but converters will.”
Popular since the 1970’s converters have successfully powered American farms and industry but servicing older converters is very important too. “We pride ourself in helping people coast to coast offering fast and accurate technical service to any situation people are facing. The converter is the heart and soul of your operation and we know this. For this reason we are ready to assist.”
Cotanch says life spans of converters approach twenty years or more but not all converters are created equal. Their systems are built to last and keeping it simple is the idea. “The more stuff you put into a panel the more that can fail. We follow the ‘keep it simple’ rule and that seems to work fine.”
Remco offers a complete line of rotary converters from 3HP thru 125HP so no job is too small or too big. “The part I’m most proud of today is we build everything here in the United States. That’s my part to being a patriot!”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Cotanch at: john.remco@hotmail.com or call 800-268-2624. You may also visit the Remco website:

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12