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Snugle Your Baby In Handy Carrier
"It holds your baby as close as a hug," says the manufacturer of the new Snugli baby carrier, a kind of pouch to carry an infant close to its mother's or father's body, yet leaving the adult's arms free to do other work.
The carrier, which is modeled after a shawl used by African mothers, is catching on fast in the U.S. and Canada. The idea was brought to this country by a Peace Corps couple who developed it into a multi-million dollar business.
The Snugli straps onto the adult's shoulders and around the waist so the baby sits snuggled close to its parent. Babies seem to feel more contented and secure carried in this position, and it has advantages for parents too.
"The adult has both hands free to cook dinner, mow the lawn, or do other work without leaving the baby," says a company spokesman. "Research from other countries, such as France, shows that baby carriers are also easier on the backs of parents. Both men and women are using them, and they may be more popular with fathers than mothers."
Small infants are usually carried with the Snugli in front. When they get bigger, they are carried on the back. As the baby grows, a set of snaps on the pouch is adjusted to make more room. Several customers with twins have used two Snuglis, one in front and one in back.
The hand-made carrier, called Snugli I, is made of corduroy or seer-sucker and, according to the manufacturer, "lasts forever." It sells in the $49 to $55 range. The factory-made denim Snugli II, selling for $29 to $35, is the most popular because of its lower price.
Snuglis are being introduced by most major department stores, specialty stores, and baby departments across the country. If you can't locate a local retail outlet, you can order direct from the factory.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Snugli, Inc., 1212 Kerr Gulch, Evergreen, Colo. 80439 (ph 303 526-0131).

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