2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #98
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Long Life Chrome Alloy Ripper Points
"Setting the standard for wear!"
R&H Machine's Chrome Alloy ripper points have been featured many times in FARM SHOW over the years. They come in several different styles designed for specific uses. All of the points have exceptional wear capability, but not all the points perform in the same fashion or were designed for the same purpose. Here's a guide to selecting the best ripper points for your farm:

Regular ripper points are a good general purpose ripper point that works well in all types of soil conditions. The rounded Chrome Alloy plate provides lift to the soil to give a shattering action. It was designed in tough northwest soils to be very durable in the adverse conditions.

Fin ripper points are designed to cut down slabbing problems. The point fractures the ground, and the fin breaks the slabs allowing the shank to slide through the ground without heaving the soil. This cuts down the number of larger clods and slabs of dirt on top of the field. This series is especially useful when ripping between rows of plants.

High Penetration ripper points are designed for more sever conditions where the hardpan won't allow regular points to penetrate or the soil type requires a more aggressive point.

High Ridge - High Penetration ripper points are designed for minimum-till and no-till ground conditions. Its design allows maximum penetration with less disturbance of the surface soil thus allowing you to rip after the plants have emerged.

10" Bolt-On Wing ripper points consist of a ripper point complete with brackets and cast Chrome Alloy replaceable wings to fit a wide variety of rippers. These versatile winged ripper points give an aggressive stirring of soil to greatly increase shatter and aeration.

Wing Cap ripper points measure 6" tip-to-tip. The wing runs fairly flat to enhance shatter without lifting and moving large volumes of soil.

6" Wing Base ripper points are a one-piece cast wing installed behind and in line with the ripper cap. Wings measure 6" from tip to tip and run at the same angle as the top of the ripper point.

Full-cast ripper points are best used in sandy soil conditions where high wear is expected. These pints provide long life and do an excellent job opening the soil and breaking the hard pan. These points are not recommended for high impact areas.

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