2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #94
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Secure Covers And Bag Armour: Protect Your Feed Investment Without Tires!
No tires are needed for covering a bunker silo with the new Secure Covers. Just lay down the plastic sheet but instead of covering it with tires, roll out the tear resistant mesh. Jim Kautz, Bag Man LLC, U.S. Distributor for Secure Covers explains, “They were developed in England to prevent bird damage but as an added benefit, farmers found that they no longer needed to use tires to hold the plastic down and the quality of the feed increased.”
  Secure Covers and Bag Armour™ are made from virgin high density polyethylene, guaranteed against UV breakdown for 7 years. The material is strong enough to protect from hail damage and prevent animals from puncturing the plastic. Secure Covers eliminates the problems that come with tires, from mosquitos in the summer, tire wire in the feed when they accidently go through the TMR, to sore backs after throwing houndreds of tires down.
  Covering silage and grain bags with Bag Armour™ gives excellent protection whether it is hail, birds such as crows, or animal damage like holes caused by dogs and cats running across the top of the bag, Bag Armour™ has you covered. Bag Armour™ is made from the same material as Secure Covers but cut in sizes to fit any brand of silage or grain bag up to 14 ft. diameter. Depending on where your damage is occurring, Bag Armour™ can cover your bag two different ways. Crown Coverage covers the top portion of the bag providing protection from hail and birds. Ground to Ground Coverage covers all exposed sides of the bag preventing deer and other animals from damaging the plastic lower on the bag.
  Secure Gravel Bags are 3-ft. long and come with several handle options. Made from the same material as Secure Covers and Bag Armour™, Secure Gravel Bags come with the same 7 year UV warranty. Secure Gravel Bags intelligently use weight where it is most effective. They are placed end to end on the perimeters of bunkers, piles, and bags. This creates tension across the surface and prevents air from entering under the bunker cover.
  A 9 x 200 bag can hold 8500 bushels of high moisture corn. At $7.00 per bushel, that bag is worth $59,000. Even a small amount of damage can be costly. Bag Armour™ is simple, effective insurance for your valuable feed.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bag Man LLC, P.O. Box 162, Hammond, WI 54015 (ph 800-796-5333 or www.afsbagman.com).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12