2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #79
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V-Top Trap Catches Starling, Sparrow. Up To 100 Per Day
600 hundred starlings can eat ONE TON of animal feed a month. Very costly. Now you can catch up to 100 birds a day with this all metal V-Top trap. Its 5x 5x 6.
  Birds land on the top and then drop down through the narrow V opening. If a desirable bird is trapped, it can be released unharmed.
  The first birds are attracted by food, like old bakery goods, and water. Once the first few birds go into the trap, they become the bait... its a decoy trap.
  The trap breaks down into 15 welded wire interlocking panels; 4 heavy steel corner posts; and the V cone on top. Wt. 125 lbs. Sells for $325 plus shipping .
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, JWB Marketing, 2308 Raven Trl, West Columbia, S.C. 29169 (ph 800-555-9634 or 803-939-9622; www.birdtraps.com).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12