2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #71
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He "Rollerizes" Tire-Ripping Stubble
Troy Mannon has a simple solution to the problem of corn stubble ripping up tires. His Manco Manufacturing Stalk Roller simply smashes it down.
“This tough stubble is really hard on guys around me who practice strip tillage,” says Mannon. “They told me about the problem, and I said, ‘I’ll build it if you’ll try it.’”
Nearly 13 ft. wide, two 500-lb. drums and the heavy-duty frame total 2,760 lbs. Each drum is supported in place with 4-bolt flange bearings. The unit mounts to the weight brackets on the tractor’s front end.
“Just remove the weights, and bolt the roller in place,” explains Mannon.
The Stalk Roller consists of two, 48-in. drums on the 30-in. row model, separated by 48 in. Each drum is designed to crush the rows ahead of the tires on a tractor doing strip tillage or other field work in standing stubble. The lift cylinder allows the roller to float across the field, maintaining full weight-to-ground contact.
Although the basic design remains the same, the new model has a slightly smaller diameter drum and 8 blades that run the length of each 500-lb. drum, rather than 10 like the first model.
“The blades help chop up the stalks for faster stalk decomposition and keep the drum rolling across the field,” explains Mannon. “The smaller diameter drum increases per square inch ground pressure to the stubble. At the same time, it increases ground clearance in the raised position from 8 to 14 in.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Manco   Manufacturing Inc., 43408 Road 786, Oconto, Neb. 68860 (ph 308 858-4957; www.mancomanufacturing.com).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12