2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #66
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Crary Products Maximize Your Harvest
Air Reels Make Every Bean Count!
In today's marketplace, maximizing your harvest is more valuable than ever. Improve the efficiency of your operation, by adding a Crary Air Reel to your harvester today. A continuous stream of high-velocity air quickly feeds crop back to the auger. This minimizes shattering and reduces the amount of header loss. At harvest time, every second counts and in today's market every bean counts. You can count on Crary.

Crary Wind System (CWS)
Whatever combine you work with, and whatever standing small grain or bean crop you're harvesting, the addition of a Crary Wind System (CWS) will add bushels to the hopper even under the most challenging conditions.

KingKut increases crop feeding capabilities, expands cutting surface and reduces sickle weight.

This cutting system treats your crop like gold. It offers less crop shatter, double-action cutting and longer wear life.

Big Top
The best way to increase combine capacity without trading up to a bigger machine is with the Big Top Combine Hopper Extension. It adds up to 60% more volume to your machine. Features easy-view grain level windows, quick setup, low profile flared design and color match pain. Retractable for easy storage.

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12