2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #61
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Washable "Pre-Filter" Extends Air Filter Life
If you’re tired of seeing filters plug up with mud, water or crop residue, you’ll like this new “pre-filter”. The polyester mesh is treated to repel water and protect air filters from longer particles and trash.
“I had been using a similar material on my vintage racing cars for nearly 20 years,” explains John Orlowski, Freedom Air Filters. “When an area farmer complained about rain and snow mixing with corn dust to plug up his filters, I asked my supplier if he could treat the poly material with water repellent. He did, and I made a pre-filter to fit my friend’s combine air filter.”
The pre-filter worked great, and the word spread to other farmers. Since then Orlowski’s pre-filters have been adapted to tractors, trucks and more.
“We’ve got them in more than 60,000 applications so far,” says Orlowski. “I just had a request from the local county highway shop. They want them for their road graders.”
The pre-filters fit like a snug bag over existing air filters. The UV resistant mesh filters debris down to .005 in., is freeze-proof and heat-resistant to temperatures as high as 450 degrees. The material is puncture resistant, and if threads do get pushed open, they quickly return to the original position. Seams are welded or reinforced with industrial grade thread to reduce potential failure.
The polyester mesh is also washable. Orlowski recommends removing and washing them every 6 to 12 months, depending on working conditions.
“Over time, they will lose their water repellency, but will still function fine as particle screens,” says Orlowski.
The company has just introduced under-the-hood pre-filters, selling for as low as $15.95. Pre-filters for 13 and 15-in. external air filter canisters are available for $39.95.
“Our farm customers tell us that when they open the canister, they find dirt piled up below the pre-filter, and the filter inside is still clean,” says Orlowski. “One farmer told me he saved $180 by not having to replace one air filter.”
Orlowski’s Freedom Air Filters can be ordered direct from the company. While he does have some dealers, he says it’s difficult to find an implement shop or vehicle dealership to carry them.
“A parts shop manager told me he would love to carry the pre-filters, but he needs to sell $250,000 in air filters a year to retain their dealership,” says Orlowski. “My pre-filter could cut those sales at least in half.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Freedom Air Filters, 301 S. Lincoln St., 
P.O. Box 165, 
Madison, Neb. 68748 (ph 402 454-6681; toll free 877 454-6565; johnjr@freedomairfilters.com; www.freedomairfilters.com).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12