2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #54
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Inexpensive High Performance Welder Great For Farmers
“For over thirteen years, one of the first things people ask is whether our compact low-cost welding systems really do the job of engine-driven welders selling for thousands of dollars more. We respond with a resounding ‘YES!’,” says Anthony Blazina of ZENA, Inc. about his line of amazing high-frequency DC welders, that attach to any engine, creating a powerful mobile welder you can use anywhere.
  Blazina continues, “Then, after they try one, with pros typically saying it’s the best welder they’ve ever used, the next question is, ‘Why haven’t I heard about this before?’ The answer’s simple - even though our welders are made in the USA, they’re not usually shown, or sold, in US stores that sell conventional welding equipment. Visit such a store, ask about a ZENA welding system, and you’ll be told that ‘it doesn’t exist,’ or that ‘such a thing’s impossible.’”
  Blazina elaborates, “It’s all about money. Welding equipment stores make big profits selling, and servicing conventional engine-driven welders. The initial sale puts a lot of dollars in their pockets. Service adds even more. And, since repairing a welder more than a couple years old costs almost as much as buying a new one -- 3 to 5 years out they make a new sale.
  “On the other hand 100 percent duty cycle ZENA welders are a lot less expensive to buy, outperform the machines they’re selling, have better long term reliability -- even a longer warranty. And, they’re completely, and easily, user serviceable.
  “Features that make a ZENA welder so attractive to a potential customer scare the store owner who figures, if a customer knows about us, they might not buy that super profitable engine-driven welder - opting, instead, for the better value ZENA system -- making less dollars per sale. This worries conventional equipment manufacturers as well - and a store owner selling our products risks loosing their franchise to sell known brand welding equipment.
  “So,” Blazina concludes, “most try to keep us a big secret -- never telling their customers that a modern and superior option to conventional equipment exists. We depend on satisfied customers and word-of-mouth advertising - it keeps us growing.”
  In addition to free-standing engines, ZENA welders can be fitted to tractors, pickups, utility vehicles -- even garden tractors. ZENA welders can also be used to rebuild burned-out welders with working engines. ZENA welders can also be hydraulic or pto-driven.
  Custom bracket kits to fit ZENA welders to almost any American-made truck are available -- and ZENA also has a number of dealers who build, and sell, engine-driven ZENA welders.
  Welding power from ZENA welders ranges from 150 to over 1200 amps. All models are 100 percent duty, and all come standard with 20-ft. welding cables. Cables can be extended to over 400 ft. and ZENA has accessories that let you use ZENA welders as a power source for wire feed welding, TIG welding, arc gouging, or even as an ultra high power fully automatic battery charger/booster /DC power supply ideal for automotive, marine, or off-grid homesteads. ZENA also makes power control kits for budget minded customers who own powerful alternators that they wish to modify for welding use.
  Using a ZENA welder couldn’t be simpler. Attach your welding cables to the power generator and plug-in a small control cable. Start your engine, set it to welding speed, press a button, and you’re welding. If your welder’s equipped with a ZENA engine speed control accessory, its engine speeds up when you start welding, and goes back to idle when you stop.
  The patented ZENA welding system produces special high frequency DC welding current. According to Blazina, “this special welding current produces an extraordinarily fine bead and a weld joint with better appearance and fewer impurities than any standard stick welder -- it even makes it easier for an inexperienced welder to hold an arc.”
  Blazina notes, “Our welding systems out perform engine-driven welders selling from $4,000 to over $20,000, at a fraction of the cost. They’re more convenient to use, and more portable. Time and money-saving equipment repairs can be made in the field. Just imagine the benefit to a harvesting operation with one of our welders on a truck or tractor. Or, to a rancher building miles of pipe fencing.”
  He continues, “But, beyond this, unlike any other welder, we put all welding controls at your fingertips. Remote controls are built into the electrode holder -- completely eliminating the chore of going back and forth to your welder to readjust power. And, you can even change power while welding. A unique feature -- providing a degree of control that most welders have never experienced.
  “Incredibly reliable and durable, most of the welders that we’ve built are still in service. No other welder comes with a longer warranty -- three years for both consumer and commercial use. And, we sell them with a 60-day money-back guarantee,” says Blazina. “Something done by no other welding equipment manufacturer.”
  To read testimonials from users, and for more information, visit ZENA’s web site -- www.zena.net.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, ZENA, Inc., 330 Club Springs Road, Elmwood, TN 38560 (ph 615-897-2011 or toll free 877-936-2462; email: contact@zena.net).

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