2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #46
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Waste Oil Good Source Of Heat
We all enjoy having a shop that is comfortable to work in during the winter months. Used motor oil, hydraulic and transmission fluids, gear oil, vegetable oil, even diesel oil when mixed with regular used oil, are great sources of heat.
There are a lot of waste oil heaters on the market. The price scares most of us off. Not only the initial cost, but the maintenance requires calling a serviceman.
Many have tried to build a waste oil heater out of a barrel stove or wood heater by gravity feeding the oil. The problem is control of the fuel and air mixture Ė as the oil heats up it flows faster and you have to readjust it again and again or risk burning the shop down.
There is something that really works! The price is right because itís a kit you build and maintain yourself. It also burns so clean (and this is hard to believe unless youíve seen it) that there is absolutely no visible smoke during normal operation.
Here is what makes it work so well: 1) A fuel pump with speed control allows full control of the amount of fuel going into the combustion chamber. 2) There is no nozzle to plug, a common problem with other waste oil heaters. 3) A combustion air blower with air control allows matching the fuel with the right amount of air. 4) A cast iron combustion chamber creates an intense heat area to thoroughly vaporize the fuel for complete combustion. 5) The cascade assembly located in the bottom of the combustion chamber helps to break up the fuel for more complete burning. 6) The heaters are packed with steel heat exchanger tubes, extracting the maximum heat and protecting the barrels from burning out, giving them a very long life. 7) An air plenum and powerful blower will fill your shop with heat, not only the area right next to it.
There are three sizes of heater kits, for shops from the size of a garage up to 5,000 square feet or larger. Clear assembly instructions have photos and diagrams. You supply the barrel, flue pipe, and basic tools, and everything else is included in the kits. The heater is not thermostat controlled. Priced from $1195 to $1995, or $545 for the oil pump and combustion control package alone, plus shipping.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Ag & Mobile Products, 1-800-541-8910; website: www.wasteoilheater.net.

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