2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #38
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Quick Disconnect Stalk Stompers
Quick Disconnect STALK STOMPERS – the solution for reducing stubble damage. May Wes, the industry leader in stalk leveling devices, presents the new Quick Disconnect STALK STOMPER. This recently introduced product adds to their existing standard-mount STALK STOMPER lineup for tool bar units, row units, tractor units, tire or track, with a full range of width options.

Protect your combine tires and tracks with the May Wes STALK STOMPER units. There’s more to STALK STOMPER than protecting your tires/tracks…use on all your rows (where applicable) to flatten and fan-out the stalk allowing air and moisture to accelerate decomposition. Do all this with ease and outfit your combine with May Wes’s new Quick Disconnect devices.

The Quick Disconnect
multiple configurations.
Toolbar Mount Quick Disconnect

•   JD 600 Series
•  Geringhoff/North Star
•  Drago Tec
•  Lexion/Challenger
•  Harvestec
•  Fantini

Row Unit Quick Disconnect
available for Case and New Holland.
The Quick Disconnect makes efficient work of installing/removal of the STALK STOMPER devices for storage and transport of your combine head. May Wes’s STALK STOMPER has a non-stick UHMW poly surface that reduces mud and debris build up and provides for virtually a maintenance-free operation. Its rugged heavy-metal construction withstands extended wear. The May Wes STALK STOMPER’S springs maintain down pressure on the stalks whenever your combine head is in the operating position.

Step 1
Lift the Quick Disconnect assembly into the mount bracket, inserting the mount pins on the assembly into the slots on the mount bracket (red features). Pull assembly back in the mount bracket, ensuring that the mount pins are seated in the slots.
Step 2
Pivot the front of the assembly up into place, positioning the pivot bolt of the assembly into the relief slots on the mount bracket (yellow features).
Step 3
Insert the Quick Disconnect pin through the aligning holes of the mount bracket and the assembly, securing the assembly into position (blue feature). Secure the Quick Disconnect pin in the assembly by inserting the mating locking pin.
Contact your local May Wes dealer or call the company’s expert staff at 1-800-788-6483, or you can order online at www.maywes.com.

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