2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #35
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"No Clog" Easy-Clean Drop Nozzle Filters
The only thing better than an easy-to-clean drop nozzle filter is one that is almost impossible to clog. That’s what Gerald Beer, American Agriculture Products, came up with on his farm near Guymon, Okla.
“When I switched from flood irrigation to center pivots, I got an education in cleaning sprinkler nozzles,” says Beer. “It takes time to walk the length of a sprinkler to clean filters. If you don’t keep them clean, a drop nozzle can clog up, and before you know it, the crop is stressed or dying. It’s not a job I enjoy doing, so I started working on an alternative.”
What Beer came up with was a filter to fit between the hose and the regulator on drop nozzles. The hard plastic screen has 540 5/64-in. holes in it.
“The popular #9 Nelson nozzle orifice for drop tube nozzles is also 5/64-in.,” notes Beer. “You could plug up all but one hole in the filter and still have enough water flowing through to maintain your water pattern in the field.”
Beer estimates his filters will only need to be flushed clean once a year on most irrigation systems. Even in cases where water carries heavy loads of sand and sediment and more frequent flushing is needed, it’s easy to do.
“Just push up the small release valve on the side of the filter,” says Beer. “The water pressure will quickly flush out the sediment.”
Beer is confident his filter will last a lifetime. The UV protected plastic filters have been tested at pressures as high as 150 psi. Made in Dallas, Texas, the filter uses the same hard black plastic as is used for drop nozzle regulators.
“I have regulators that have been in place for 20 to 25 years,” says Beer. “I expect the filters to last at least as long.”
While regulators and hoses can suffer winter damage if left undrained, that’s not a problem when Beer’s filters are installed. An unexpected benefit of the release valve is its auto-drain feature.
“We didn’t know it when we designed it, but when the water pressure shuts off, the valve releases on its own,” relates Beer. “The hose and filter drain out completely, and water is sucked back up out of the regulator.”
Beer’s American Agriculture Products is selling filters for $20 each in boxes of 50. Currently he is selling them direct with a flat shipping rate of $25 per box. Filters can be ordered by phone or via the company website.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, American Agriculture Products, P.O. Box 1392, Guymon, Okla. 73942 (ph 580 338-7104; cell 580 651-0377; americanagprod@ptsi.net; www.americanagricultureproducts.com).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12