2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #24
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Magnet Traps Metal Inside Oil Filter
You can capture even the tiniest particles in any engine or hydraulic system with this new oil filter magnet.
  The Magna-Guard Oil Filter magnet is designed to be inserted through the center hole of any spin-on filter with a metal core. The magnets are disposable so for best results use fresh magnets at every oil change. It attracts up to 40 times more grit than the filter alone, without restricting oil flow, says the company and independent test reports.
  “The magnets catch particles that are too small for an oil filter to trap, generally particles less than 30 microns,” says James Friend of Kleen Lube, Blue Springs, Mo. “By removing tiny particles there is less friction between the moving parts of your engine. The engine therefore runs cooler, cleaner, and more efficiently. It results in five percent or more increase in fuel mileage and eight to fourteen times less engine wear. Cleaner oil results in longer oil drain intervals, testing shows oil can be used up to twice as long.
  He says Magna-Guard has been on the market since 1999 but has primarily been used in the heavy equipment and truck industry. “With prices for fuel and lubricants on the rise, we feel it’s a good time to introduce the product to farmers,” he told FARM SHOW.
  According to Friend, Magna-Guard works better than wrap-around oil filter magnets “which are only up to 70 percent efficient because they’re on the outside of the oil flow. Our magnets go inside the filter and are in direct contact with the fluid, so they’re able to remove many times more contaminants.” They work somewhat like cow magnets in livestock feed that are designed to pick up metal parts in the cow’s stomach. Some farmers have tried using such magnets in their vehicles but with bad results because those magnets can either dissolve or lose their magnetic abilities under high temperatures. Magna-Guard magnets are 100 percent ceramic so they’ll survive temperatures up to 842 degrees and the caustic environment of an engine.”
  The number of magnets needed depends on the capacity of the filter. The company recommends using one standard size magnet per 16 oz. of filter fluid capacity. Most auto filters are less than one quart, so you just need one magnet. Quart-sized filters found on some pickups require two magnets. Tractor trailer rigs with 1-gal. primary filters should use eight standard size magnets.
  Magna-Guard is available in two standard sizes to keep the applications simple and the costs low. The standard size magnets are about 1/4 by 3/8 by 1-1/2 in. and the mini size are 3/16 by 3/8 by 3/4 in. The mini size is for small equipment, motorcycles, and some automotive filters which are too short for the standard size Magna-Guard magnet. Two “minis” are the equivalent of one standard magnet. Use the minis by the pair.
  Magna-Guard magnets can be purchased at www.kleenlube.com for as little as $2.22 each in the Farmer’s Friend package.
  The Kleen Lube website also has the exciting patented Fluid Rx diagnostic tools including Ford approved ATF test which helps you control maintenance costs and improve environmental impacts by reducing un-necessary fluids changes.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kleen Lube, 1200 Corporate Centre, Blue Springs, Mo. 64015 (ph 877 405-5336; sales@kleenlube.com; or www. kleenlube. com).

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