2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #22
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Spin Screed The World's Lightest Power Roller Screed
After struggling with heavy, noisy and hard-to-clean vibrating screeds for over 30 years, concrete contractor, Joe Churchill developed the Spin Screed.
The 22-ft. roller screed is powered by electricity and can be carried and loaded on a truck by one person.
The Spin Screed consists of aluminum pipe up to 22-ft.long that is caused to spin opposite of the direction it is being advanced by a heavy-duty power unit, causing the concrete to roll up in front of the screed while leveling the high and low spots. Unlike a gas powered screed, the electric screed starts working in less than one second after you press the trigger. The aluminum pipe can be custom cut into lengths up to 22 ft. The operator is spared back pain, standing erect while using the Spin Screed.
Consistency of the concrete mix is not a factor. The Spin Screed can be used on stiff, low slump concrete of only 3 in. or on a wet mix. Unlike a vibrating screed that causes the aggregate to sink far below the surface, the Spin Screed leaves aggregate immediately below the surface, resulting in a high quality, durable finish that is less likely to scale off when exposed to freeze and thaw conditions.
For pouring concrete slabs wider that 20ft., simply set screed pipes on stakes to make multiple parallel passes with the Spin Screed. Because the machine is so light, the stakes do not have to be capable of supporting much weight and can be placed 5 ft. or more apart.
The Spin Screed has been field tested for over ten years and is built of the finest quality components.
The Spin Screed continues to grow in popularity among both large and small contractors. See our Photo Gallery on the Spin Screed website to view job photos of the Spin Screed at work.
  Spin Screed engineers have developed a “Gutter Builder” screed that can be used to build drive over curb and gutters and valley pans in a single pass.
  Reasonably priced, the Spin Screed produces a durable surface in less time with less effort. For details, visit the Spin Screed website at www.spinscreed.com or call 888-329-6039 (Toll Free).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12