2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #20
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Simple New Air Cleaner Keeps Buildings Dust-Free
“Simple gets it done,” says Patrick Sheehan about the air filtration system he developed. Patrick learned how to control lots of air in Jet Propulsion school. But the simplicity of his Demo Air Net took about 10 years of testing different fabrics to find the one that traps dust particles down to 5 microns. That makes it ideal to work in any place with dust, debris and particles – from workshops to barns to homes under renovation. Set up is simple: slip the net/filter on the discharge end of a fan, and secure it with a bungee cord.
  “I wanted it to be very durable, washable and as effective as possible,” Sheehan says. It’s also important to him that the Demo Air Net is made in the U.S. and sells for a reasonable price at $30 to $80 for small to large sizes.
  The former Marine Corps jet mechanic learned about moving air while in the service. As a disabled veteran, he now specializes in renovating buildings from the 1800’s, which are filled with coal dust, sediments and other nasty particles.
  “The fan motor CFM equals rate of filtration,” Sheehan says. “Look at the size of the target area, figure out the cubic feet and find a fan that moves enough air for control of the room or exceeds the cubic feet.” By moving lots of air, his nets capture pollutants before they break down to even smaller pollutants.
  The net filters an assortment of particles – dry wall, barn dust, concrete dust, animal hair and even volcanic ash.
  “The key thing to remember about the fan is that it must be elevated on a stand and have variable speed,” Sheehan says. He’s partial to Ventamatic fans, which are made in Texas.
  He has nets for fans ranging from 9-in. dia. to 42-in. fans for very large areas. The nets are machine washable, and Sheehan has used several for years.
  “Put this in a room, and it takes control of the air space. It’s like a massive vacuum keeping the air clean, we capture ‘anything’ that floats.” Sheehan says.
Demo Air Net offers a combination pack consisting of a dust proof motor equipped fan, and a filter capable of filtering 4,000 cubic feet of air per minute”. The filter sizes range from $30 to $365 for Industrial fan, filter combinations.  
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Patrick Sheehan, Demo Air Net, P.O. Box 124, Morse Mill, Mo. 63066 (ph 636 221-0284; www.demoairnet.com).

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