2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #17
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Gladtime Dairy Invests In Cattle Health With FarmTek Fodder System
The dry climate of Arizona had Bill Underwood and Scot Edwards of Gladtime Dairy searching for a way to provide 250 head of dairy cattle with fresh greens. Although the cattle had an abundance of dry feed, Underwood and Edwards were looking for something that did not require a large environmental footprint and was more nutritious for their cattle.
  Underwood and Edwards found the solution in FarmTek’s Grow-Tek GT80 NFT Channels and hydroponic accessories. They customized their own hydroponic system, which allows them to produce affordable, fresh fodder from seed in eight days. Edwards states “What would normally require approximately 300 acres to grow, we are now able to do in 2,000 sq. ft.”
  Along with the smaller footprint, using their fodder system has been very beneficial for Gladtime Dairy in other ways. They noticed improvements in milk production and cattle health, as well as cost reductions. Edwards explains, “Before using this customized system, the normal ration of dry feed cost us $7.00 to $10.00 per cow each day. Now, including labor, it only costs us $0.32 per pound of seed, or $3.82 per cow.”
  FarmTek offers the Fodder-Pro Feed System, which is a complete system for your fodder needs.
  Customized options are also available. Call 1 800 327-6835 or visit www.FarmTek.com/ADBFS.

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12