2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #11
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First-Of-Its-Kind Wands Clean Out Radiators
“It’s designed to clear out every nook and cranny of your machine’s cooling system,” says Jerry Crum, Okemah, Okla., about his company’s new “Radiator Genie”.
  It consists of a pair of 23-in. wands that are sold in a set. One wand hooks up to an air compressor hose and the other to a garden hose. The handle on each wand is equipped with adjustable pressure. To operate, you just squeeze a lever on the handle.
  A “pinched down” fan head is designed to fit into the engine’s cowl and between the fan blades, where it can be positioned at the correct angle to blow directly through the radiator coils and exert maximum pressure to the back side of the radiator.
  “It looks like a simple tool but a lot of thought and design went into it,” says Crum. “We tested it for two years with no product failure. The wand tubing is small enough so you can get into confined areas, yet big enough to create a tremendous amount of air force.”
  There’s a real need for a better radiator cleaning tool, says Crum. “Today’s cab tractors have high efficiency cooling systems with downsized radiators and small cores. The radiator, air conditioner cooling coil, and hydraulic coolers are all sandwiched in a very confined space. There was nothing on the market to reach into such confined areas.”
  He says the Radiator Genie also works great on RV’s, motorcycles and 4-wheelers. It’s even used by homeowners to keep their central air conditioners clean.
  As to whether you should use air or water, he says air is probably most popular. “However, if you want to do a really thorough cleaning job you can use air first and then water. Your radiator will look like new again.”
  A set of 2 wands sells for $34.95 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jerry and Sandra Crum, Cow Creek Ranch House LLC, 106043 N. 3840 Road, Okemah, Okla. 74859 (ph 303-915-9092; crum@cowcreekranchhouse.com; www.radiatorgenie.com).

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2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12