2012 - Volume #BFS, Issue #12, Page #05
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Add-Ons For Deere Combines Stop Grain Loss
Because of grain loss in Deere STS combines in high moisture corn and green stem beans, CM Welding has come out with a new version of “The Disrupter” to fit Deere grates. The Disrupter has been available for Case IH combines for years.
  The Deere Disrupter kit consists of 14 disrupter lug spikes installed on the separation section of the rotor. Crop material being propelled rearward by the rotor are pulverized by the lugs as it passes through.
  To fit the Deere STS machines, Estes redesigned his Disrupter lugs, previously used in more than 20,000 Case IH rotors. The new design was used in Deere STS rotors for the first time this fall. Estes has now fine-tuned the lugs to be even more effective at breaking up and separating out corn and beans.
  “One user last fall with 300 bu. corn said the Disrupter cut grain loss to practically zero,” he says.
  Estes adds that the other reason for rotor loss with STS rotors is overloading during separation due to the large quantity of material that has to be processed with high-yielding varieties.
“The problem with the standard round bar concave in the Deere STS rotor is that there isn’t enough space between the round bars to let grain out,” says Estes. “We have designed a new grate that has 1/2-in. square keys installed instead of the round bars, with a 1 1/2-in. space between them for 68 percent greater openings.”
With his replacement for the rear concave, the grain begins separating sooner, reducing the load on the separation section. Estes says the replacement concave has been designed for all STS applications.  
  Estes has priced the new concave at $879. The 2011 Disrupter set for Deere STS combines sells for $417. Estes is offering a combination price of $1,235.
  Estes notes that he has also developed a patent pending new “restricted flow progressively open round bar concave” that will be featured in a future issue of FARM SHOW.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, CM Welding Inc., 4496 N. County Rd. 0 E-W, Frankfort, Ind. 46041 (ph 765 258-4024; don@cmweldinginc.com; www.cmweldinginc.com).

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