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How To Fix Hazy Plastic Headlight Lenses On Vehicles
Kerry Kligora, Mineral Point, Wis.: I came up with a simple way to fix hazy plastic headlight lenses on my vehicles. Its the next best thing to installing a new lens assembly, greatly increasing the amount of light coming from the headlight.
  First, I use 0000 steel wool to lightly rub the lens. This process gets the heaviest of the haze off but leaves minor scratches in the lens. I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and rub the lens with the dry sponge, applying light pressure until major scratches caused by the steel wool are gone. Then I wet the Magic eraser with water and rub the lens, applying heavy pressure until most of the smaller scratches are gone. Finally, I apply a good car wax to the lens, let it dry, and then buff it out with a micro fiber cloth. I apply a second coat of car wax if I think it needs it. I usually have to redo this process twice a year, in the early spring and late fall. But its a lot cheaper than buying new lens assemblies.

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