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Stalk Retriever
A rough harvesting season, plagued with lots of down corn stalks, led Ed Seifert, Auburn, Ill., to developing a new style Stalk Retriever.
"If the snout tip can get under the stalk, this retriever will pick it up," reports Seifert, whose invention fits on existing header snouts.
It uses conventional gathering chain to pick up and carry down stalks to the feeder auger. Each chain, hydraulically and independently powered off the reel drive, runs at 10 to 20 rpms.
Installation involves cutting two holes in the snout for the chain to exit and enter. Two sprockets, plus an idler, fit inside the snout for the gathering chain to ride on. Add-on templates protect the snout from wear. Each snout retains its flexibility.
Seifert notes that Stalk Retrievers can be installed on just the end snouts or on every row. When not needed, such as in good standing corn, the Stalk Retriever chain can be shut off.
Tri-R Innovations, Gibson City, Ill., is marketing the new product for $595 per row.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tri-R Innovations, 628 S. Sangamon, Gibson City, Ill. 60936 (ph 217 784-8495).

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