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Store Cold Cash In Your Refrigerator
Here's a sneaky way to hide your cold cash and other valuables. "Boodles" are cans, that look just like soda, beer or oil cans but are actually clever hiding places for valuables.
You can place the cans in the refrigerator, basement or garage without anyone suspecting that the beverage or oil cans actually hide valuables. The cans are authentic because they're the actual cans that the beverage and oil manufacturers use, says a spokesman for California Can Co., Fullerton, Cal.
However, unlike ordinary cans, the inside of Boodles are lined with polypropylene, a hard plastic which adds weight to the can so it looks and feels like the real thing. The lids, which look like the regular pop top or flat top caps, are really screw-on covers.
RC Cola, Diet Rite soda, Miller beer, Penzoil, Valvoline and Quaker State cans are available.
The beverage cans sell for $6.95 and the oil cans for $10.95 plus postage.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, California Can Co., P.O. Box 3579, Fullerton, CA 92631 (ph 714 738-0721).

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