2011 - Volume #BFS, Issue #11, Page #71
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State Of The Art Incinerator: "The Eliminator"

Exciting new times at Super Nova Mfg., Inc. formally known as Southern Breeze Fabricators, Inc. In September, 2010 Sammy Massey bought the assets of Southern Breeze, former manufactuer of “The Eliminator”.
Sammy is the inventor, designer, and patent holder of all six models of the “The Eliminator” incinerator (SN250, SN500, SN1000, SN1500, SN2000, and SN3000).
“The Eliminator is the best incinerator on the market today. It’s built out of quality materials and quality parts, which provide our customers with many years of high performance, low maintenance, and lower fuel consumption,” says Massey.
Super Nova is in the process of setting up a dealer and distributor network, so as to better service customers. The company is also in the process of adding new items to its product line, which will help the companty grow and at the same time help customers be more profitable.
To customers and employees, Super Nova promises to abide by its new mission statement. “Super Nova Mfg,. Inc. is committed to the design, manufacturing and service of the most efficient and highest quality incinerators in the world, that exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and government agencies. Further, Super Nova promises to engage in healthy and good business practices by adhering to a strict code of ethics, honesty, integrity, and creations of everlasting relationships.”
Visit Super Nova’s website for updates on new products and announcements of dealers and distributors: www.supernovamfg.com.
Super Nova makes the following models:
• SN250: for animal shelters, veterinarians, funeral homes, & law enforcement.
• SN500: for small poultry and turkey farmers.
• SN1000: for larger poultry and turkey farmers.
• SN1500 & 2000: for meat processors and swine farmers.
• SN3000: for large meat processors, swine, cattle, and horse farmers, and landfills.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Super Nova Mfg., Inc., 558 Baggs Ferry Rd., Camilla, GA 31730 (ph 888-311-0131 or 229 336-9337; fax 229-336-1844; www.supernovamfg.com).

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2011 - Volume #BFS, Issue #11