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Trash Movers for Row Crop Planters
Two years ago Case/IH introduced their all-new line of 130 to 195 hp. Magnum tractors. This year the company is continuing its overhaul of the old Case and IH product lines with a new line of 75 to 95 hp. tractors they're calling "Maxxums".
Dennis Schwieger, product director for the new Maxxum tractors, says farmers who've had a look at the new Maxxums call them "mini-Magnums" because their styling and design is similar to those larger tractors, which are now rolling off the assembly line in Wisconsin at a rate of nearly 12,000 tractors a year.
Prototypes have been in the field for the past 18 months. The company planned to go into production a year ago but farmers who tested the prototypes suggested changes that delayed the introduction another year.
The new Maxxum line consists of the 5120 with 77 hp., the 5130 with 86 hp. and the 5140 with 94 hp. All three tractors feature new engines and transmissions. Key features include:
Engine - The 5120 is powered by a new 4-cyl. 3.9L diesel that's turbocharged and after cooled. The 5130 is powered by a new 6-cyl. 5.3L naturally-aspirated diesel and the 5140 is powered by the same 5.3L engine equipped with a turbocharger. "The engines are direct- mounted to the trans-mission flange, eliminating the need for mounting to the tractor frame. This reduces stress on the engine structure when using a tractor loader or front-mounted equipment such as saddle tanks because the weight is supported by the tractor frame and not the engine," says Dave DeSutter, Maxxum project manager.
Transmission - A fully synchronized 16 forward and 12 reverse transmission is standard equipment on all Maxxums. A fullpowershift is optional. Both transmissions feature a full power "forward-to-reverse shuttle" that lets you shift from forward to reverse and back again simply by flipping a lever, without clutching or stopping. "It's great for loader work," notes DeSutter. An add-on 8-speed "creeper" attachment is available that slows the tractor down to .2 mph for working vegetable crops or doing other specialized work. All Maxxum models can be fitted with MFWD.
Cab The all-new cab has a door on either side and glass windows that extend from roof to floor both front and back for maximum visibility. The steering wheel tilts and telescopes, and an adjustable mechanical seat is available. The air conditioner is fitted with an outside filter for easy servicing. "All control levers are positioned on the right side of the cab. We paid a lot of attention to what farmers told us they wanted and tried to locate all controls where they told us they could most easily reach," says DeSutter.
Hitch and Pto - The tractor's fitted with both front and rear 3-pts. The rear 3-pt. lifts up to 7700 lbs., the same capacity as the much larger Magnum tractors. "That's about 1,000 lbs. more than other similar-size tractors," says DeSutter. Both lift arms on the rear 3 pt. are fully adjustable and the hitch is raised and lowered with electro-hydraulic controls that can be set to automatically raise and lower the hitch to a preset working depth. The front 3-pt. can carry a load of 5,200 lbs. A front pto will be added to the tractor next year. The rear pto can be changed from 540 to 1,000 rpm by simply pulling a clip and reversing the shaft.
Warranty - All parts except tires on the Maxxum tractors are covered by a 5-year, 5,000 hr. warranty. "This warranty is the best in the business. No one else comes close," says DeSutter.
Maintenance - All routine maintenance can be performed from ground level thanks to the tilt-up hood, quick-latch side panels, and a tilt-out front grill. All filters and fluid checks can be easily reached and the tractor can be refueled from the ground.
Price ranges from $26,000 for a standard model 77 hp. 5120 up to $48,000 fora 5140 equipped with all options. The tractor is made in Germany because the biggest market for mid-sized tractors is in Europe.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Case/IH, 700 State St., Racine, Wis. 53404 (ph 414 636-6011).

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