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Sargom Extinguisher Fights Big Fires
"A 2-lb. cylinder holds the equivalent of 70 gallons of water," says Haskell Godfrey, of Valdosta, Ga., about the revolutionary Sargom fire extinguisher a lightweight fire fighter filled with a frozen liquid gas that expands to 180 times its size to fight all classes of fire, including electrical, chemical and flammable liquids.
"It goes to the heart of a burning substance, expelling and replacing the oxygen to chemically break the fire chain," Godfrey explains. "Besides that, it's so non-toxic you could spray it on your Sunday dinner and still safely eat the food. We think it's a natural for farmers to keep on the combine, in livestock barns, farm shops, vehicles and in the home."
When sprayed, the extinguishing liquid gas is invisible but, as Godfrey demonstrated to passersby at a recent farm show; one short burst from the canister instantly smothers an intense fire.
"Another key factor is our canister itself. It's lightweight and portable for easy use and operates with a touch of one finger, whereas many extinguishers have complicated directions and must be recharged after each use. The Sargom can be used over and over until it's empty."
Sargom extinguishers are designed to replace standard building and vehicle extinguishers, or as an auxiliary to more cumbersome fire fighting tools. Several cities, he notes, have ordered the just-introduced extinguishers for public buildings and vehicles.
Three Sargom extinguishers ranging, from 15 oz. to 60 oz., range in price from $29.95 to $124.95, and are said to be equivalent to 30 gal. of water for 15 oz. and 120 gal. of water for 60 oz. model.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Haskell Godfrey, American Sales Corp., Inc. 2906 N. Ashley St., Valdosta, Ga. 31601 (ph 912 244-3390).

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