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How To Locate Tile Lines, Buried Pipe
A Gen-Eye pipe location system can be used to locate drain tile runs and tell how deep they are.
“These systems have been used by plumbers and electricians for years to locate underground cables and pipes,” says Bill Rawn, Accurate Laser Systems (ALS). “Our system is ideal for a few neighbors to buy together and share so you can avoid hiring an expensive locating service.”
The ALS Gen-Eye system consists of a mini-transmitter that can be attached to the end of a 200-ft. long, push rod cable for use in pipes and tile lines and a battery-powered, handheld digital locator. This system sells for around $2,600. A more advanced system with a video camera mounted at the end of the push rod sells for $4,200.
ALS adapted the Gen-Eye with video system to on-farm needs. “While a plumber may need a camera, a farmer is more interested in finding where the tile system goes,” says Rawn. “If a tile draining into a ditch goes under a road, where does it come out and where does it go from there? If they need to hook up to a main line with a new line, they need to know where it is.”
With the simple transmitter on the push rod, a farmer or contractor working on the line can identify direction, turns and depth. Those points can easily be identified by a GPS unit and mapped for future use.
The Gen-Eye digital locator has more than 100 sensitivity levels to choose from. The LCD display provides a clear digital readout, as well as a graphic display and an audible tone. The locator also can detect electric current underground.
Rawn cites customers who have bought the units for their own use and then done custom work for neighbors. “I’ve had a few customers make some money with theirs,” he says. “Having a guy come out to locate a cable can cost $500, depending on travel time and the job. If you can do it for a portion of that cost, you can drum up some local business.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Accurate Laser Systems Inc., 10660 Andrade Dr., Zionsville, Ind. 46077 (ph 317 873-5611 or 800 444-6859; brawn@accuratelasersystems.com).

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