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Corner Traffic Signal Light
A few years ago I picked up an old corner traffic signal light when a local city decided to install new lights. I installed it in my yard, where it makes an unusual night light. It's located about 200 ft. from our house and 400 ft. from the road, so passersby can see it. I've got it wired up so that I can use all the lights or just one, depending on the occasion. I use a single light most of the time, which provides plenty of illumination. The lights don't blink on or off, but if I wanted I could wire them up that way.
  My son, who is a contractor, removed the light which came equipped with a 400-lb. cement base. I brought the entire unit home on a trailer and used a backhoe to dig a hole, then set the base in the hole and bolted the post on. I removed the original 150-watt bulbs because they use a lot of electricity and replaced them with small 13-watt, energy-saving bulbs. The lights are good and bright and last a long time. There are 2 sets of lights, but I only have one set lit up. It faces the house and road. The unit's "walk" signal is still on but I didn't wire it up. I installed light sensors so that the lights automatically come on at night and go off in the morning. (John Eilers, 2095 E. 350 N., Pana, Ill. 62557 ph 217 562-4021)

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