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Black Soybeans
Years ago, while running soybeans through a fan mill so we could save them for seed, we would always find a few black soybeans among all the yellow ones. We were always curious if they would produce black or yellow beans. So I planted a cupful in our garden and found every bean came up black. I was curious about the oil and protein content, so I took samples to the Illinois Department of Agriculture Laboratory and they found there was no difference. It was kind of disappointing, because I was hoping the black beans were higher in oil and protein content so I could really go into black bean production.
    After first planting in the garden, and then using that seed and increasing the production to a row in the field and harvesting with the combine and saving for planting, I finally got a substantial amount. After 5 years I had a wagon with about 60 bu. of all black soybeans. I kept my project a secret until I took them to our local grain elevators for a joke. I still have the beans in that wagon. One elevator employee took this photo of me standing next to the wagon. (Jim Niemann, 2124 N. 8th Ave., Litchfield, Ill. 62056 ph 217 324-5574)

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2011 - Volume #35, Issue #4