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Tip For Cleaning Out The Jets On Carburetors
David Paul of Warroad, Minn.: He recently sent FARM SHOW this easy-to-use tip for cleaning out the jets on carburetors.
  "I'm in the lawn mower repair business and consider galvanized aircraft cable to be the perfect tool for cleaning the jets on any carburetor. It's quick and cheap," says Paul. "The carburetors on most modern lawn mowers are equipped with fixed jet orifices, which are very small and tend to plug up with debris. Sometimes they're so small it's difficult to physically clean them out."
  He says aircraft cable comes in 6 or 12-in. lengths and is available at most hardware stores.
  "I like the 6-in. length because it makes a nice working length, but you can cut the cable to whatever length you want. I use my fingernails to unweave a single strand from the cable. Then I pass the strand through the jet, drawing it back and forth 2 or 3 times," says Paul.
  "I've used this method to clean orifices for more than 20 years. I like it much better than using chemicals. It also works great for cleaning sprayer nozzles and fuel oil gun nozzles. The cable strands are stiff but not brittle, so there's no danger they'll break off inside the jet. The strands keep their wavy braided shape, which helps provide more contact area for cleaning.
  "You can buy different size cables with different strand diameters. For example, a 1/16-in. dia. cable yields a single strand with a diameter of .006; a 1/8-in. dia. cable yields a strand of. 008; and a 3/16-in. dia. cable yields a strand of .011. Larger sizes are also available. If the jet is real big, you can wrap some strands together. You can even use the entire cable depending on the size of the jet. A 6-in. length of cable typically sells for about 30 cents."
  Paul says there's another neat use for aircraft cable it can be used to remove hair from drains. "Just fray up one end of the cable, shove the cable down into the trap, and give it a spin. It'll collect every hair in there," he notes.

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