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Trailer Ramps Double As A Tailgate
"I built this 6 by 10-ft. trailer for my son Joe, who uses it to haul 4-wheelers and other equipment. Two ramps form the tailgate, which makes it very easy to set up no matter what the trailer is being used for," says 83-year-old Larry Zenz of Parks, Ark.
  The ramps are attached to each rear corner of the trailer on hinges made from 3/4-in. pipe and 9/16-in. dia. pins. Where the ramps come together at the middle they intermesh on angle iron brackets and are held secure by dropping a single pin through holes drilled into both brackets. To load something onto the trailer, Zenz removes the ramps from their hinges and hooks them over an angle iron lip at the back of the trailer.
  "The ramps swing open like gates and hang open on each side. I welded an angle iron bracket on the front end of one ramp, and on the back end of the other so the 2 ramps intermesh when they come together. It makes for a strong connection," says Zenz.
  He built the trailer itself entirely from scratch. It's equipped with a cedar floor and sides, which he treated with a mixture of waste oil and thinner (1 gal. waste oil and 1 pint thinner). He bought a trailer house axle and cut out 30 in. to narrow it down. He cut old tires in half to use as fenders.
  "I also built a similar trailer for my son-in-law in Texas," notes Zenz.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Larry Zenz, 5779 E. Hwy. 28, Parks, Ark. 72950 (ph 479 577-2677; zle7@ipa.net).

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