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Ridge Plant With Your Planter
The new front-mounted "Ridge Rider" from Orthman Mfg., Lexington, Neb., lets you use your conventional pull-type or mounted planter witout adding any attachments to it to ridge plant corn, soy-beans or other row crops.
The Ridge Rider mounts on Orthman's front mounted, Cat. II, 3-pt. Ram Hitch. The hitch fits on most late model 80 hp. and larger 2-WD Deere, International and Case tractors.
The Ridge Rider features an optional automatic guidance system that follows last year's furrow and actually steers the tractor through the field.
"The unit will work without the guidance system," says Bill Orthman, president of the company, "and because it's out front, it is probably easier to control than rear mount units. However, the one thing missing in all other ridging systems is precise control.
"If the farmer had done a good job of maintaining his ridges, the Tracker will absolutely keep the Ridge Rider centered on the ridge. In addition, it eliminates the steering responsibility of the tractor operator."
The guidance system consists of 2 guiding discs that follow the old furrow and electro-hydraulically control the two, 27 in. dia. steering coulters that steer the Ridge Rider, keeping it centered on the old crop ridge.
"The main difference between our ridge unit and the others on the market, is that by being out front we can use the size tools that are needed in a trash situation," says Orthman.
The unit's 24 in. coulters slice the old crop's root stumps in half and are followed by a sweep that parts the residue. A set of "angled opposed" coulters follows behind the sweeps, distributing the trash into a furrow and leaving a clean seedbed that's ready for planting.
Ridge Riders are available to match 4 to 8 row planters, planting 30-40 in. rows. Larger models can be special made. The unit requires about 15 hp. per row to power.
The basic 6-row Ridge Rider lists for $7,000, the Ram Hitch for $2,500 and the Tracker guidance system for $4,500. Orthman can convert the Ridge Rider to a front mount, no-till cultivator for an additional $2,000:
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Orthman Mfg., Inc., P.O. Box B, Lexington, Neb. 68850 (ph 308 324-4654).

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