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"Hitch Hermit" Hides Ball Hitch Under Rear Bumper
"The Hitch Hermit lets you store ball hitches under your rear pickup bumper, where they're easily accessible whenever you need them," says Vern Schroeder, Carroll, Iowa.

    The Hitch Hermit attaches to the crossbar of the hitch assembly under the rear bumper on most pickups, SUV's, and RV's. It's adaptable to most hitch assembly sizes.

    The unit consists of a square metal tube with a pair of stud cables embedded into the top, which wrap around the crossbar to secure the unit.

    To install the Hitch Hermit, you stick bolts through a pair of 1-in. long sleeves and tighten up the nuts.

    "It puts your ball hitches under the pickup out of the way so you're not bumping into them all the time," says Schroeder. "Also, it makes it easy to switch ball sizes because the hitch you need is right there. You don't have to carry different sizes in your cab or in back of the pickup where they can slide around, bang into each other and get dirty. I have two Hermit Hitches on back of my pickup so I can carry two different hitches with me all the time.

    "I designed 75 to 100 different prototypes before coming up with the current model. The only tools needed for installation are two 1/2-in. open-end wrenches. The cables are long enough to fit around different obstructions."

    Schroeder says some states have already passed laws that make it illegal to drive down the road with a ball assembly sticking out behind the pickup.

    The Hitch Hermit sells for $37 plus S&H.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vern Schroeder, 718 West 15th St., Carroll, Iowa 51401 (ph 712 775-2050 or 712 830-7833; vern@paq-cell.com).

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