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"Weed Whacker" Compost Aerator
"It used to take me several hours to stir up compost in my stationary compost bins. By using an ordinary bulb auger hooked up to a weed whacker, it now takes only a couple of minutes per bin," says Joseph Parducci, Hampshire, Ill.
  "It has a lot more power than if you mounted the auger on a cordless drill, so it works faster and won't burn out," says Parducci.
  He removed the weed whacker's spring wound drive from below the power head, keeping the spool drive housing which includes a nut at the end of the spool, then cut the shaft to a 6-in. length and inserted a 3/16-in. key stock. He inserted the bulb auger into the chuck. "The weed whacker's spool head happened to have a 3/8 by 24 thread, which is the same as the drill chuck," says Parducci.
  He also added a length of conduit to the weed whacker's handle to form a 2-handed cross-brace. He mounted the throttle, originally located on the weed whacker's handle, onto the conduit.
  "I came up with the idea last winter when we built 3-ft. sq. compost bins from wire cow panels that we purchased at Tractor Supply. It took a lot of time to rotate the compost to keep it cooking. By placing a thermometer in the middle of the compost pile, we know right away when the compost needs to be rotated. I had tried using a 2-ft. bulb auger on a cordless drill, but the drill was underpowered and burned up."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Joseph Parducci, 17 N. 895 Harmony Rd., Hampshire, Ill. 60140 (ph 847 683-2519; marissa926@sbcglobal.net).

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