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Headset Lets You Talk Normally In Noisy Situations
FARM SHOW had a chance to try out a new headset recently at the Canadian International Farm Show in Toronto, Ont. It was comfortable and worked great in the noisy environment of a busy farm equipment show. The headset works with cell phones, WiFi handsets or smart phones using a standard 2.5-mm stereo connection cable.
Manufacturer Rescom specializes in developing technology for emergency responders. The headset blocks out harmful noise levels while letting you clearly hear the person talking.
Even in high wind, voices are transmitted clearly, thanks to a wind screen on the attached microphone. When not needed, the flexible gooseneck mic boom folds up and out of the way.
A rear tension headband maintains a comfortable level of pressure over the ears while sealing them against ambient noise. Meanwhile Velcro bands over the top hold the headset in position while allowing the user to wear a cap, hat, hardhat or other headgear.
Rescom communication headsets start at $200. Headsets are also available with Bluetooth wireless, programmable technology.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rescom Sales, Inc., 214 Bruce Ave., Kincardine, Ont., Canada N2Z 2P3 (ph 519 396-8555; toll free 800 665-2740; sales@rescom.ca; www.rescom.ca).

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