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Add-On Hydraulic Power Unit Fits Most ATV's
"It turns your ATV or utility vehicle into a powerful work vehicle that can do everything from mowing fields to splitting wood or running hydraulic power tools," says Kevin Tam of ProManPTO, Vista, Calif., about his company's aftermarket system designed for 4-wheeler's and utility vehicles. The new ProManPTO system was on display at the recent World Ag Expo near Tulare, Calif., and at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.
The system can be used with most ATV's or UTV's equipped with a 500 cc or larger engine.
  Each ProManPTO kit includes a variable displacement axial piston hydraulic pump that attaches to the engine, a thermostatically controlled oil cooler, and quick-connect fittings for hydraulic hoses.
  ProManPTO has a line of hydraulic-driven implements for use with the system. All implements are designed so the hydraulic motor driving it can be quickly moved from one implement to another using a patented quick disconnect.
  The line of implements includes 4 different mowers 60 and 48-in. finish mowers; a 44-in. rough cut mower; and a 45-in. flail mower. There's also a log splitter and leaf debris blower.
  "As far as I know this is the first universal aftermarket pto system designed for 4-wheeler's and utility vehicles," says Tam. "Until now, ATV implements had to have their own separate engines. Our interchangeable hydraulic motors can be moved from one implement to another, eliminating the cost and maintenance of redundant engines. The system converts your ATV into a real workhorse, but quickly converts back to a fun machine in minutes. The system won't replace the heavy-duty work that a compact tractor or skid loader can do, but it will do many chores quicker and more efficiently.
  "Over the next few months we plan to add a power broom, water and trash pump, fire pump, auger, small tree shear, pressure washer, and many other implements."
  The system's axial piston pump with closed loop system requires only 5 quarts of oil. "We tested the rough cut mower on a hilly location, where it previously took 16 1/2 hours to mow with a walk-behind heavy mower and two weed eaters. With the ProManPTO-powered mower it took only 6 1/2 hours."
  Currently the system fits most Polaris and Kawasaki ATV and UTV models, with Yamaha and Suzuki coming on line soon. "We plan to offer the system on Deere, Kubota, and Honda ATV's and UTV's later this year, and the other major brands early next year. By next year ProManPTO will fit on more than 70 percent of the major ATV and UTV brands on the market," notes Tam.
  He says the log splitter draws a lot of interest at farm shows. "The splitter has an 18-in. low profile that limits lifting, and it's powered by a big 5-in. dia. hydraulic cylinder that provides bi-directional, dual action splitting. It'll split logs up to 20 in. long."
  The ProManPTO kit for ATV's sells for $2,500 to $3,000 plus S&H depending on the brand and model; add $500 for utility vehicles. Currently available implements sell for $1,500 to $2,500 plus S&H.The cost for an ATV kit and a rough cut mower is about $4,700 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kevin Tam, ProManPTO, Vista, Calif. (ph toll-free 855 776-6261; k.tam@promanpto.com; www.promanpto.com).

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