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Steel Bender Makes Big Curves
You can bend steel to a large radius to make a big bale feeder, for example with the Hawke Bender from Oroville Machine Shop. The manual rolling machine makes gradual bends or sharper arcs fast and easy. Best of all, it's a third the price of similar quality benders.
"This isn't a press," says Brian Denny, Oroville Machine Shop. "You just roll it back and forth to make the material yield to the shape you want."
The Hawke Bender comes with die sets for up to 2-in. square tubes, rectangular, flat stock, channel and solid stock steel. It sells for $1,195. An optional die set is available for $200. It bends molded cap rail vertically and horizontally, pipe up to 2 1/2 in. dia., trim stock, and solid stock pipe. Custom dies are also available.
"We use different benders for different things," says Rick Bates, senior development specialist, Polaris Industries. "We have used the Hawke Bender for several years, it's great for gradual bends and large radius curves. You can't do that with other benders without spending 3 to 4 times as much money."
The Hawke Bender is a simple aluminum side casting machine, easy to set up and easy to maintain. "We've sold more than 5,000 over the past 15 years," Denny says. "The only ones we've had returned hadn't been cleaned or oiled."
The Hawke Bender is being used in metal shops, machine shops and by blacksmiths, fence makers, welders and artists. Staircase builders and interior design craftsmen use it as well.
Bates likes the simplicity of the machine. He says it's easy to change dies, and changing the radius is a matter of adjusting the wheel spacing.
"Just move the wheels in a little closer to make a tighter radius arc," he says. "It's very straightforward to operate with no learning curve needed."
He also appreciates Denny's customer service and customization. "When we need something, Denny is right there," says Bates. "If we need a special size tubing die, he is really quick to provide it."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Oroville Machine Shop, 1322 Fir St., Oroville, Wash. 98844 (ph 509 485-2135; brian@hawkebender.com; www.hawkebender.com).

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