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Easy Way To Fix Sagging Fence In Minutes
Here's that new fence tightener you've been hearing about that lets you tighten a quarter mile of sagging fence in minutes, and will cut your fence maintenance time by 75-90%, according to "Reel-Tite" inventor Kermit Dehaai, of Kermco Products, Monroe, Iowa.
"Works like a built-in ratchet, pulling all sag back to the middle and reeling it up," Dehaai explains. "Tightens any kind of wire, from barbed to smooth high tensile. Won't break rusty and brittle old wire because it uses a controlled bend."
Here's how Reel-Tites work: They're attached to a portable handle with a clip and placed on the slack wire. When turned, the wire will catch on the Reel-Tite's flanges. It works like a ratchet. You tighten until you've got the desired tension, then remove the handle. With experience, says Dehaai, you'll be able to tighten four sagging wires in a minute or less.
About two weeks after installation, you return to give each Reel-Tite another crank to take out the slack. Once your fence is in shape, leave the Reel-Tites in place until the wire again needs tightening. Barbs on barb wire fence will work their way through the staples, if necessary.
One Reel-Tite can tighten up to 114 mi. or more of wire, depending on fence condition. Up to 12 in. of wire can be wound on each Reel-Tite device.
"Mends broken wire in minutes, too," adds Dehaai. "Just splice in a piece of wire at the break and tighten it up with a Reel-Tite. No need to restretch."
Reel-Tites measure 4 by 2-314-in., and are made from 13 ga. steel.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kermit Dehaai, Kermco Products, Rt. 1, Box 204, Monroe, Ia. 50170 (ph 515 259-2987).

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