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Skip Row Corn Head
Why not plant and cultivate your corn and soybeans with the same narrow-row equipment?
"Great idea. But where do I get a corn head to match my narrow row or skip row soybean planter?" you ask.
One possibility is to have Harvey Bish, owner-operator of Harv's Farm Supply, Giltner, Neb., custom build one to your specifications. He's the inventor-manufacturer of the popular Bish Quick-Tach adapter kit which was first featured in FARM SHOW eight-years ago for mounting most any brand of corn or soybean header on any make or model combine, such as using popular Deere corn and soybean heads on non-Deere combines.
Harvey's latest new speciality is custom-built narrow row corn heads. One of his most recent creations is an eight row "skip row" header he custom built for a Georgia farmer's Gleaner N6 combine (shown above mounted on an International 1480).
Jimmy King, of Meansville, Ga., plants soybeans in 20 in. rows with a 15 row planter which is equipped with 30 in. skip rows for the tractor wheels. It has three 20 in. rows between the 30 in. wide skips, and six on each side. To avoid the expense of maintaining separate planters and cultivators for corn and soybeans, King wanted a matching "skip row" header that would allow him to plant and cultivate both crops with the same equipment.
Harv's Supply custom-built the planter-matching narrow row corn head which King needed. It harvests eight rows in one direction, and seven coming back. The same header, which was built from scratch on the frame of what originally was a Deere 643 (six row 30 in.) header, would match a 16 row planter with four narrow (20 in.) rows between the two 30 in. skips, and six narrow (20 in.) rows on each side of the skips.
"We can custom build corn heads with row spacings as narrow as 18 in.," Harvey told FARM SHOW. "You tell us what you need and we'll see if we can't custom build it to match the narrow row planting equipment you already own, or intend to buy. With our Quick-Tach adapter, we can mount custom-built headers on virtually all makes and models of combines, including rotaries."
Cost of custom-built narrow row corn heads varies, depending on size and other specs. Price tag on the eight row "skip row" header pictured above was right at $10,000, including cost of the used head which Bish furnished.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harv's Farm Supply, Giltner, Neb. 68841 (ph 402 849-2674).

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