2011 - Volume #35, Issue #1, Page #26
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Homemade Tail Light Protector

Andy Kozlowski, Califon, N.J., recently sent photos of easy-to-build "protectors" he made out of old well casing pipe for the tail lights on his utility trailer.
  "I'm not the best at driving in reverse with my 4 by 8-ft. utility trailer behind my car. Over the years, I've accidentally busted up quite a few tail light assemblies when I barely tapped' stuff with the trailer," says Kozlowski. "My homemade protectors allow the tail lights to survive more of these encounters. They did the job when I recently hit a wood pile and also a stack of bricks. I think the same idea would work with any protruding tail light, as long as you use the proper size pipe."
  He started with a short length of 6-in. dia. well casing, which he cross-cut at an angle and then drilled mounting holes into it. Then he set the pipe over the tail light and bolted it onto the side of the trailer.
  "Cutting the pipe at an angle allows the pipe to deflect an object rather than hit it full on. It also allows more light to escape so the tail light is more visible," says Kozlowski. "I painted the inside of the pipe white to reflect more light.
  "By using the right length of pipe I can get two protectors from one cut. I used a cutting blade on an angle grinder to do the cutting," he notes.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Andy Kozlowski, Old Readingsburg Rd., Califon, N.J. 07830 (ph 908 832-7540; andyk_00@yahoo.com)

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2011 - Volume #35, Issue #1