2010 - Volume #34, Issue #6, Page #32
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New-Style Broom Has Bent Bristles

This new outdoor broom makes it easy to remove "hard-to-sweep" debris from decks, patios, sidewalks and driveways.
  Invented in Germany, the "Dirt Hook" has long, curved bristles that dig into the surface and literally "hook" out the dirt. Makes short work of wet grass and leaves on patios and decks; pine and cedar needles on paved driveways; and debris on construction sites, especially drywall dust.
  The outdoor broom is said to work great for garden paths and uneven surfaces. You can even use it to rake your lawn.
  An indoor version has both soft and tough bristles to get into cracks and corners. It will even remove pet fur.
  Available soon in stores or go to www.dirthook.com.

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2010 - Volume #34, Issue #6