2010 - Volume #34, Issue #4, Page #38
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Turbocharge Kits For Kubota RTV's, Deere Gators

People always want more power from their equipment, especially at higher elevations. In the case of Kubota RTV's and Deere Gators, the potential is there, suggests Ted Meyer, Stone's Farm Service (SFS). Gaining extra power on a Deere Gator or Kubota RTV is as easy as installing an SFS turbo kit.
"We do a lot of tractor pulling, and the majority of the teams use Kubota RTV's as work vehicles because they're so durable and well built," says Meyer. "The two complaints is that they need more power and that they stop too aggressively when you back off the foot throttle."
With extensive experience putting turbochargers on 4020 Deere tractors and 6.9-liter diesel pickups, Meyer and the SFS team developed a turbo kit for the RTV's and later for Gators as well. They also developed a "coast valve" for the Kubota RTV 900 and 1100. It bypasses or modulates the hydrostatic pressure during deceleration.
"Performance wise, the turbos deliver up to a 50 percent or better gain depending on what elevation you are at and how the injection pump is adjusted," says Meyer. "The coast valve lets you shift much more easily between ranges."
Meyer says installation is straightforward and simple with both turbos and coast valve.
"The turbo installation instructions include how to adjust the injection pump and information on adjusting the transmission as well," says Meyer. "The bolt-on turbos can be installed in a couple of hours. The coast valve can be installed in 30 min. or less."
Both turbo kits are listed at $1,998. Coast valves are listed at $139.99.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ted Meyer, SFS Specialties, 915 East Main St., Greensburg, Ind. 47240 (ph 812 614-7878; sfsspecialties@gmail.com; www.sfsspecialties.com).

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2010 - Volume #34, Issue #4