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Build Yourself A Tire Stove
"We've put together plans for do-it-yourselfers," says Jim Feneis, inventor of the unique tire stove featured 1 1/2 years ago in FARM SHOW's Vol. 6, No. 1, 1982, issue. The stove is designed to burn high energy rubber tires, of which there are millions discarded in dumps around the country, without spewing black smoke and toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Feneis says the hundreds of FARM SHOW readers who called or wrote for more information can now get a complete set of plans by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope, and $12.50, to:
Farm Show Followup, Esoc Companies, Jim Feneis, 621 Lincoln Ave. S.E., St. Cloud, Minn. 65031.
Jim Feneis became well-known last year for another innovative idea when he opened "the world's first Fuel Bank." It's a computerized gas station that treats gasoline and diesel fuel like money in a bank. Customers buy fuel at the bank in bulk, "deposit" it, and then make "withdrawals" at automated pumps 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week using a computer access card.
All transactions are automatically recorded by computer and each customer receives a complete monthly statement of withdrawals, deposits, and balance on hand. Costs are cut 5 cents a gallon due to labor savings and customers are able to lock in fuel costs by buying in bulk. If prices start to drop, you can sell fuel back to the bank and buy in smaller quantities until prices stabilize or begin to rise again. What's more, the bank's record-keeping is so accurate that Feneis has received unusual government approval to sell non-taxable farm fuel from the same pumps that handle taxable fuel.
"Farmers like being able to get fuel here anytime they need it," Feneis points out. The idea has been so successful a second Fuel Bank is scheduled to open later this year.

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