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Wireless Inspection Camera
You don't need to tear an engine apart to check a cylinder wall for scoring or rip out a wall to check for bugs or water damage, thanks to new remote video cameras.
High-end video scopes have been available for sometime. What's new is that instead of paying thousands of dollars, new scopes are priced in the $250 range.
When Circuit Specialists offered FARM SHOW the opportunity to try out an Aardvark video borescope, we grabbed it. I asked my mechanic, Herman Miller, and his crew to take a look at it. They were impressed, and so was I.
Miller, located in Fountain, Minn., already owned a scope he bought several years ago. When he saw the Aardvark from Circuit Specialists, he liked its features and its price tag.
"Ours was a lot more expensive, and the Aardvark does as much or more," says Miller. "We use ours to check under the hood for fluid leaks as well as to look inside the engine," he adds. "You can twist it around to see behind stuff and inside closed spaces without tearing everything apart."
The Aardvark's 3 1/2-in. wireless color monitor can be attached to the pistol grip camera unit or used separately up to 50 ft. away or more. The camera can be used for viewing as well as recording still and video of what's being viewed. Interchangeable, flexible 9-mm and 17-mm shafts are available for use with the camera. The shafts are equipped with LED lights mounted at the lens to ensure clear viewing.
Using the Aardvark takes some practice as you learn to adjust the shaft to get the image right side up. The downloadable manual helped immensely, and the company's help line operator actually had experience operating the unit.
Being able to capture video and stills for later playback via an SD card was very helpful. You can also connect the camera to a standard TV monitor or to a computer via USB cord.
The unit runs on four AA batteries, but also comes with an AC adapter. The basic Aardvark package is priced at $249. Similar packages are available from A&I Products, Milwaukee Tools and others. Prices and attachments may vary.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Circuit Specialists, Inc., 220 S. Country Club Dr., Mesa, Arizona 85210 (ph 480 464-2485; toll free 800 528-1417; www.circuitspecialists.com).

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