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Best Penetrating Oil Is The Cheapest
Machinist's Workshop magazine recently tested penetrating oils for break-out torque on rusted nuts. They "scientifically rusted" a bunch of nuts, treated them with various penetrants, and then measured the torque it took to remove them. Here are the results:
• Nothing    516 pounds
• WD-40    238 pounds
• PB Blaster    214 pounds
• Liquid Wrench  127 pounds
• Kano Kroil     106 pounds
• ATF-Acetone Mix  53 pounds
The ATF-Acetone mix was a "home brew" mix of 50-50 automatic transmission fluid and acetone.
  Note that the "home brew" was better than any commercial product. Note also that Liquid Wrench was as good as Kroil for about 20 percent of the price.   
  Thanks to reader Larry Heineman at L&G Products Co. (manufacturer of "Add-A-Stick" excavator extensions - www.add-a-stick.net) - for passing along this story.

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