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"High Tech" Reel Mower
The new Fiskars Momentum mower takes non-motorized reel mower design to a new level. Reel mowers have always had trouble jamming on twigs and heavy grass clumps, and needed frequent blade sharpening. With its patent pending InertiaDrive, the Fiskars mower resolves those issues.
Similar to a flywheel, the InertiaDrive technology uses the large diameter cutting reel and heavy blades to store energy until it's needed, such as when cutting through twigs and heavy grass without jamming. When the mower hits a tough spot, the design delivers twice the energy to power through.
Because the 18-in. wide cutting mechanism is out in front of the drive wheels, instead of between them, the VersaCut design allows the mower to be set at cutting heights of 1 to 4 in. The design, with its inset drive wheels and full-length blades, eliminates traditional no-cut zones under reel mower ends. It also throws clippings forward instead of to the rear of the mower. Its full cut means the Momentum mower gets closer to edges than other reel mowers.
The combination of InertiaDrive and VersaCut features also reduces pushing force by 30 percent in long grass.
Friction and blade wear are reduced with the StaySharp cutting system. The Fiskars cutting reel and stationary blade are separated by less than 3/1,000 of an inch, less than the thickness of a blade of grass. Traditional reel mowers use contact between the two for cutting, which dulls the blades and requires frequent sharpening. The Fiskars system stays sharp.
Users report the mower is easy to assemble and works well. The mowers are available through Lowe's as well as online at the company website. Suggested retail price is $249.99.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Fiskars Brands, Inc., 2537 Daniels St., Madison, Wis. 53718 (ph 866 348-5661; www.fiskars.com)

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