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How To Add Duals To Your Garden Tractor
Nothing fancy is needed to turn your garden tractor into a "dually". Dave Hartman did it with a couple of hubs salvaged from older garden tractors. Simply bolted in place without welding, they're secure and stable.
"I've seen duals mounted with all-thread rod, and realized I could make something stronger," says Hartman. "When I bought new hubs for my 1972 Deere 110, I noticed that if you bolted two hubs together they looked like full-size tractor dual hubs."
Hartman picked up an extra set of hubs from a lawn and garden salvage yard and bolted them together with the set he had removed from his 110. He bolted the hubs together and used an impact wrench to secure them with a hub face at either end.
"I drilled out the holes on the extension hub face that would attach to the existing wheel and hub by one size," explains Hartman. "I then used lug bolts that were 1-in. longer than the originals. This let them pass through the extension hub, two washers and the tractor wheel and hub."
Once the extension was in place, adding a second wheel for realistic looking duals was easy. Hartman points out that while new hubs could also be used, salvaged hubs work fine. "They usually have worn out splines, but that has no effect on their use as spacers," he says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dave Hartman, 701 Windmill Ct., Sunbury, Ohio 43074.

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