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Rataway Fragrance Stops Odors That Attract Pests
Rodents and other animals mark territory with their scent, which attracts more animals. Rataway Fragrance gets rid of the scent and therefore eliminates the attraction.
  Rick Suddes, owner of Air Control Company, who has dealt with pest problems for four decades, invented Rataway Fragrance.
  "It is not a pepper spray," he emphasizes, and the smell is not offensive to humans. He used ingredients that are safe for anyone to use - Rataway Fragrance will not kill anything. It's a maintenance product that must be applied regularly.
  Dilute the concentrated Rataway Fragrance with a gallon of distilled water and spray it on all types of surfaces including wiring, engines and other parts of vehicles; farm machinery and heavy equipment; phone and electrical cables; heating and air conditioning units and even camping equipment, stored food and heirlooms.
  Jim Rambin, a Louisiana chicken producer, had problems with rat damage to his wiring and water lines. He purchased waterproof Rataway Fragrance to use on hoses, wiring, tractors, trucks, plastic water line, etc. and has noticed a lot less damage.
  Every night Larry Schultz sprays regular Rataway Fragrance under the hood of his car parked outside. "It's worth the preventative cost," he says, after he incurred expenses from damage by rabbits, which are prolific in his Windsor, Colo., subdivision.
  Suddes has heard testimonials from all over the world about how many kinds of animals stay away when customers use Rataway Fragrance on a regular basis, whether it's daily, weekly, semi-weekly or monthly. Suddes answers questions and provides application suggestions on his website.
  Rataway Fragrance is concentrated and makes 1-gal, enough to spray 10 car engines four times. The regular version costs $25 including shipping anywhere in the world. Waterproof Rataway Fragrance costs $33 including shipping.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rataway Fragrance, 2114 S. Rice Rd., Ojai, Calif. 93023 (ph 805 646-2177; www.rataway.com).

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