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535 Bale Kicker Mounted On 530 Baler
"The company said it couldn't be done, but I did it and it works great," says Kenneth Worrel, Berlin, N. Dak., who mounted a bale kicker made for a new Deere 535 baler on his 1985 530 baler.
Worrel bought the bale kicker, which is an option on the 535 baler, from his local dealer. To mount it, he welded a 3-in. length of pipe to each end of the rear door hinge pipe running across the top of the baler. He used U-clamps to anchor the bale kicking arms to either end of the pipe. The bale kicker pivot points mount on lengths of tube steel bolted to the baler frame. As the rear door swings open, a chain running from the door to the bale kicker arms pulls on the kicker, which then pushes the bale out.
"The company said the 535 bale kicker wouldn't fit the 530 baler, but there's very little difference between the two balers. The only reason it won't fit is because the pipe on top is too short," notes Worrel.
He also installed an extra pickup wheel on the right side of the baler so it now has two pickup wheels, one on each side. "It has saved me a lot of money on repairs. If one wheel falls in a hole, the other wheel carries it across so the pickup doesn't drag in the dirt."
Worrel spent $600 to equip the baler with a kicker.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kenneth Worrel, Rt. 3, Box 39, Berlin N. Dak. 58415 (ph 701 883 5814)

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