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Google Gets Into Real Estate
I stumbled across a new feature at Google Maps recently that makes property buying a lot easier. Even if you're not looking for new property, it's fun to check out local property prices.
  Look up a town at Google Maps (www.maps.google.com) and then switch to "Satellite View". Click on the menu heading "More" and select "Real Estate". This will cause red markers to appear on the overhead view you're looking at. Each one of the markers is a property-for-sale listing. As you move your cursor over each mark, a window pops up with a brief bit of information - address, price, size of property. If you click on the link in the window, it'll take you to the complete property listing with all details and who-to-contact information.
  What makes it handy is that you can quickly check out all property listed, getting a quick sense of what's for sale and for how much. It might save you a trip and a sales pitch at your local real estate broker's office.

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