2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #115
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Stretching Device Worn At Night Relieves Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
"I talk to CTS sufferers daily, who are having terrible hand pain, annoying numbness in their fingers and a weak grip. Often they are scheduled for surgery. They try the Carpal Solution as a last resort and within a few days or sometimes a few weeks, they feel relief and cancel the surgery," says Karen, Customer Service Manager at First Hand Medical.

    Dr. Clyde E. Morgan, Jr. invented the Carpal Solution, a 6-week therapy using a unique flexible hand brace, because his wife suffered from a difficult case of CTS. Knowing the downside of the surgery, he was determined to identify a better therapeutic method. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the main nerve that runs from the forearm into the hand is pinched in the wrist, causing numbness and pain or tingling. Symptoms are often worst at night interrupting sleep and causing drowsiness during the day. It's frequently caused by repetitive use of your hands.

    Dr. Morgan's device is a comfortable flexible brace that you put on before retiring to bed and throw away in the morning. The brace has been carefully designed to match the elasticity of your hand and applies consistent gentle massage action at three key points on the palm of your hand. You wear one each night for 2 weeks, followed by every other night for 4 weeks, to put your symptoms in remission.

    The brace has three adhesive straps that gently stretch and reshape the soft tissue surrounding the carpal tunnel while the hand is relaxed during sleep. It decompresses the soft tissue in the hand, relieves pressure on the median nerve, increases flexibility and enhances blood circulation for natural healing. Most people feel relief from their worst symptoms within two weeks. Carpal Solution Therapy worked for Mrs. Morgan. She is now pain free and back at work with a full night's rest ű no more sleep interruptions from numb tingling hands.

The Carpal Solution is a much better first line of defense. It works for over 97% of CTS sufferers, is gentle and avoids the complications of oral pain medications, rigid restrictive splints, steroid injections and high risk surgery.

The complete 6-week therapy pack sells for $84.95 per hand plus $7.95 for shipping and handling. First Hand Medical has a guarantee that if you don't feel some relief after 5 weeks, just send back the treatment package and they'll refund your money. There is no downside, no downtime nor risk of complications. Health Insurance Companies and Medicare reimburse most of the cost with a Doctor's Prescription for a: Hand Wrist Orthosis. Watch the video interview of a doctor and wellness expert, discussing causes, prevention and this all natural treatment at the most comprehensive CTS site on the internet: www.MyCarpalTunnel.com. You can also watch a video of a surgical nurse who avoided surgery and tells why you will want to avoid surgery, too.

    To order, specify right or left hand, or both. Call Karen toll-free at: 800-798-5210 or 617-794-0503.

    Or contact: First Hand Medical, FARM SHOW, 3434 East 7800 South, Suite 328, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121 (fax 617-812-0094; email relief@MyCarpalTunnel.com; website: www.MyCarpalTunnel.com - order 24/7 at secure website).

    This is First Hand Medical's fifth consecutive year in Best of FARM SHOW Magazine.

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2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10