2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #108
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Simple Stand Empties Spray Jugs
During spraying season, emptying out chemical jugs and triple rinsing them can be a frustratingly slow job.
  "My sprayer manufacturer sells an option for rinsing jugs, but it costs $1,000, which is more than I want to spend," says Roger Gutschmidt of Gackle, N. Dak., "Besides, when you use their system, you need to have the sprayer pump and agitation system running, and that produces a lot of foam that needs to be expelled from the tank once it's full."
  Gutschmidt chose to design his own simple device to ensure that chemical jugs empty completely without taking up much of his time. Although his solution doesn't actually rinse out the jugs, it does make sure that every last drop makes it into the sprayer.
  It consists of a 25-in. long, V-shaped trough with four evenly-spaced 19-in. rods welded to the center so they extend upwards. The jugs go over the rods.
  The trough mounts on the sprayer at a 45 degree angle, with the bottom resting on the inside edge of the mixing cone. A 1/2-in. pin welded to the upper end of the trough goes through a hole drilled in a bracket on the sprayer frame. A cotter pin and compression spring hold it in place.
  "When it's not in use, it pivots out of the way so the lid on top of the cone can be closed," Gutschmidt explains. "By leaving the jugs upside down for 5 to 10 minutes, almost every drop of fluid drains out. At spraying time, I don't have time to triple rinse, so just getting the jugs drained completely is enough for me. When I'm finished draining my jugs, I pour clean water down the trough to rinse it out so dirt doesn't stick to chemical residue left behind. It works great. I wish I would've had this invention years ago."
  Sells for $150 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gutschmidt Manufacturing LLC, Roger Gutschmidt, 6651 Hwy. 56, Gackle, N. Dak. 58442 (ph 701 698-2310; shopdoc @drtel.net).

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